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Bringing Peace Back to Our Peace Officers: How Meditation Helps First Responders Become Emotional Warriors by: Lisa Wimberger

It is easy as a civilian following the media to determine that First Responders, and specifically officers, should behave differently. We all agree that excessive use of force should not be a badge of honor among our peace officers. Peace…

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What does it mean to be the Warrior?

Where in your life are YOU the Warrior? Many of us feel like Warriors in our own way.  For some of the amazing people I work with it's because they have been Warriors in the literal battlefield or out on…

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When Breathing in Love is Not Enough

Are you tired of pretending to be calm and compassionate when inside you really feel like kicking and screaming? In my life-long meditation training I was often told to "breathe in love".  I so desperately wanted to do this, but…

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Help for Cops

It wasn't long ago that the mindfulness topic was considered taboo in fields like law enforcement. Fortunately, that is changing.  Officers suffer some of the worst statistics when it comes to quality of life, longevity, health, and happy marriages.  We…

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How Damaging is that Fake Smile?

Selfies, photos, videos, magazines --  our lives are full of others' facial expressions on a global scale. Science has used these facial expressions as a source of research in fields like lie detection and social cognitive neuroscience. Neuroscientists differentiate two types…

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Stress is Killing You

Are you setting yourself up for a stress related disease?  Are you shortening your own lifespan?  Over time, the allostatic load of stress on the body can no longer be mitigated by the sympathetic nervous system. We end up with…

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