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The Depression-Disease Domino Effect

Your thoughts and perception create the environment of the brain and vice versa.  It's the chicken and egg conundrum--is the thought the signal for the strss response, or is the brain chemistry the signal for the thought?  No matter which…


Minimize Stress, Extend Your Life

Sometimes we search for cures for symptoms and ignore the cause.  Stress, even low but chronic levels, is the most important variable factor in determining life-span according to "Wired" (neuroscience magazine).  It's no joke that meditation is at the top…


Raising Your Sword to Battle an Illusion

Our nervous system is a miraculous and complex network of information and control mechanisms.  Our SNS (sympathetic nervous system) readies us for action, to mobilize, to activate, charge, fight or flea..among many other things.  Our PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) calms…


Meditation, an Anti-Inflammatory?

The PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) did a study in 2010 with 124 adults which showed that social stressors and pressure (such as public speaking) greatly increased an individual's inflammatory markers. Inflammation is the result of free-radical…


How Can Memory Improve Your Life?

According to Congressman Tim Ryan in his book A Mindful Nation, "When people have higher working memory capacity they can pay better attention, can solve problems more readily, and have more fluid intelligence--they use facts rather than just know them.  Those…


Oxytocin…it isn’t all good!

In Dr. Stephen Porges' profound book The Polyvagal Theory, he notes the "neuroendocrine and autonomic systems that permit high levels of social behavior and social bonds regulate the management of stressful experiences and the capacity of the mammalian body to heal…


You are Five Times More Likely to Stress

Science now says we have 100 billion neurons in the brain. There are 5 times as many neuronal networks allocated for threat detection than there are for non-threat input. This is why negativity is so easy to default to AND so…


Is Turmeric the Door to Enlightenment?

Neuroscience and fMRI's now tell us that insight and higher-order thought processes such as empathy, unity consciousness, and a sense of one-ness all occur in the prefrontal cortex of the brain.  We also know that stress and fear strengthen the…


Can You See What I’m Saying?

Our ability to accurately read facial expression comes mostly from our prefrontal cortex. When we are stressed we shut down our prefrontal and actually impair our ability to accurately label others' expressions and motivations. So being in "threat" mode predisposes…


Use Your Illusions for Good!

If you give the prefrontal cortex the "perception" that it has control over your stress response, it will signal all the way back to the amygdala and brain stem and override the primitive brain stress response. Creating visuals and acting…

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