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The Depression-Disease Domino Effect

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Your thoughts and perception create the environment of the brain and vice versa.  It’s the chicken and egg conundrum–is the thought the signal for the strss response, or is the brain chemistry the signal for the thought?  No matter which comes first, stress is insidious.  Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz does an amazing job of succinctly summarizing this detrimental process in her book The New Feminine Brain (140).

1. Norepinephrine is released in the brain stem.

2. Stress releases too much cortisol.

3. Cortisol increases cytokine and inflammation.

4. Inflammation initiates chronic fatigue

5. Mood neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and serotonin are eaten up.  Homocycteine levels rise.  Pain increases and sleep is interrupted.

6. Self-medication by eating more carbs.

7. Cholesterol raises

8. Hyperinsulinism and hypertension develop.

9. Inflammation increases and causes excessive free radicals.

What one thing will you do differently today to manage your stress and thoughts better?

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