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The Tap Dancing Angel And The Tie Dyed Wizard

The Tap Dancing Angel and the Tie Dyed Wizard

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angelTwo of my personal daily practices include:

First: doing my best to try to NOT project my emotions on others.
Second: although’ difficult, I try to have no attachments to a (my) desired outcome.  I do have desired outcomes, but I try not to be attached to them.  Pure LIMBIC, most unhealthy!
I realized last weekend while Neurosculpting® in an Urban Environment that my experience of life these last few months has been one of “anguish”.  Now, personally, I am an adjective guy. I inquire and dive in to define each adjective and how that definition relates to my personal definition.  How does that definition affect me?
I am not asking for sympathy.  Of course Prayers are always appreciated. What I am attempting to describe is how I Neurosculpt® from a place of “anguish”, while controlling my vaso-vagal response, all to benefit from the practice; Mind, Body and Spirit!  Neuroscuplting® is a lifestyle.  Use it as a Band-Aid until it is your practice.  Enjoy huge returns on your spiritual investment.
To me the most annoying thing in a meditation class is to have the instructor tell me to clear my mind.  Sweet thought but you would have to be in my mind to understand the difficulty.  If I force myself to discount my Limbic signals, the Limbic signals get worse and sculpts faster and more powerfully.  New detrimental left brained pathways are fertilized.  I will be lost forever this way.  However, if I settle into the “anguish” and don’t try to “clear my mind” my Limbic system quiets.  From “anguish” I engage the meditation, and without the overwhelming need to control my FEAR simultaneously, I am Right Brain NeuroSculpting®.  My right brain cannot compete with respect to the speed or efficiency of the left brain pathways.  My right brain can build healthy pathways if I get out of the way.  It’s sneaky, but it is the way it is. rightleft
Most importantly I create new synapses, pathways and connections which will be used in the future to help deal with my left brain.   If I followed the advice of the instructor and forced the Limbic out, what I am actually doing is, cementing those Limbic pathways.  Remember this is SCIENCE based, and I will not review that information here.  That path is for your steps alone.
Now I am convinced, by my fast efficient limbic system, that I am meditating and chill.  I am not chill; I am in a fight to avoid my spiritual death. My right brain tries to compete but I am lost in a sea of crossed fibers, synapses and poorly formed thoughts.  I’m more exhausted than when I started.  “Surrender to the anguish”, Neurosculpt® regardless, and the right brain synapses will eventually prevail.
Once I surrender to the “anguish” the limbic system quiets.  I have some control now.  Surrendering to my truth now allows me to follow the meditation, I cry, I cry, I try, I cry! However these are my right brain tears of joy.  Slowly over time my right brain pathways evolve and arrive to help me help me; Mind, Body and Spirit.
The plasticity, ah the plasticity of those wonderful neurons, yes I am still in “anguish”, life happens!  And WHATEVER didn’t change (usually) just because I Neurosculpted® for a couple of hours (tho’ the taco’s and company was great).  Be realistic, it takes time.  I have found and formed a “sweet spot” I need now.  Not the sweet spot I am evolving towards. Yet a sweet spot to call home, a balanced, appropriate, right brained dominant, synapsed, sweet spot of refuge.

– Nathan M. Josephs, DO, AOBNMM, AOBFM, CNSF

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