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There is no POINT to a Point

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by Nathan M. Josephs, DO, AOBNMM, AOBFM, CNSF

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I believe it was Dr. Sutherland D.O., who described, and had us think and visualize, Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF) as a fluid (CSF) within a fluid (the physiological homeostatic saline). I have been thinking about what that means since I first read that, sometime around 1980. I practice it freely (I am sure). I know what he is saying; as I am sure you all do too.


Mixtures (look it up as the chemical definition) are like a glass of sand and water. Stir it up and it appears evenly dispersed. Let it stand still, and the sand settles to the bottom of the glass. They separate.

Solutions (look that up too….) are like a glass of salt and water. Stir it up, and the electron (molecular) nature of oxygen (-2) and Hydrogen (+1) mixed with Sodium (+1) and Chloride (-1) and becomes salt water. Salt water is not water. Salt water is Salt water! The salt (NaCl) is now “IN” SOLUTION. Let this glass stand and it remains salt water. Let the “water”, (H20) component dehydrate, and the salt comes out of solution and is deposited like little crystals at the bottom of the glass.

So, I believe the appropriate way to understand what Sutherland was trying to get across to “us” facilitators of health is: 

To think of CSF and the Saline as two separate solutions which are acting as a mixture.


However, even to try to visualize this, we must now think that these two separate Solutions “CAN/MUST” occupy THE SAME PHYSICAL SPACE. Okay?

heisenbergThe Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (yes another thing to look up and understand), essentially can be paraphrased by saying those charged electrons (those little +1’s and -2’s), spinning or not spinning around the atom (Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, Chloride) move so fast that they can actually occupy the SAME PLACE AT TWO TIMES or THE ELECTRON IS IN TWO PLACES AT THE SAME TIME. The electron’s move so fast that, “they’ can never be accurately positioned, nor predicted. ELECTRONS; those tricky little wabbits.

So take water H2O….Two Hydrogen atoms, each missing an electron (-1), merging with one Oxygen atom (which has two extra electrons to share, (+2)) and become water. At our (present) environmental temperatures, two gases combine to form a liquid. These electrons can move so fast that EACH electron can be in both the +1 spot and the -1 Spot at the same time. The Electron is Two PLACES AT ONCE! The electron can perform two jobs simultaneously. It is everywhere while being nowhere. (Study…study….then look it up again).

Now back to the WEIRD:

My experience of CSF within the saline of the spinal cord is EXACTLY LIKE THAT ELECTRON. electronI can travel cranially (my term…any of the energetic treatment terms like Chi or Meridians can be substituted here), anywhere within the body via any system. I am the fluid and the fluid is most of it. I can be anywhere or nowhere. “I catch the wave”, “I ride the tide”, “I swim as the minnow”,” I inhale the breath of life thru gills of a fish” and I even correct “somatic dysfunction”. I advance my pre-frontal cortex so I do not get trapped in the Limbic Dogmatic Box of our mentors.

I believe we all call that kind of experiences things like “unwinding, releasing, trauma release, SEM, clearing energy, balancing the membranes, clearing past lives”.

Then a STILLPOINT would be when you are occupying the same positions, simultaneously, doing nothing. You are still, the system is not. I think we got that wrong, terminology or not. To engage the system we must be the spinning electron, never allowing ourselves to be captured, noticed, but moving through time and space as fast as light. That’s my kind of release. I want to re-name the “Still Point” to the” I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention Point.


Thus I give you my new modality; The Heisenberg, Modified Theory of Two Solutions, Occupying the Same Space, but Acting Knowingly, at the Speed of Light, Easily Modified and Facilitated Towards the Bodies Own Inherent Abilities to Self-Regulate, Theory! (Name needs work…I know).

Lastly, CSF isn’t the only Solution within a Solution in the body. We’ll get there next.


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