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Unity Consciousness Wired into Our Brains

According to the personal account of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s massive stroke recovery in My Stroke of Insight, she notes that during the eight years of living mostly with right-brain functioning that she was constantly in a state of bliss.  “My entire self-concept shifted as I no longer perceied myself as a single, a solid, an entity with boundaries that separated me from the entities around me.  I understood that at the most elemnetary level, I am a fluid.  Of course I am a fluid!  Everthing around us, about us, among us, within us, and between us is made up of atoms and molecules virbating in space….I was consciously alert and my perception was that I was in the flow.” (69)  What right-brain activity can you do today to help put you in the flow?

Lisa Wimberger
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