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Consider this a BOOT CAMP experience! This program is the direct curriculum outlined in, NEW BELIEFS, NEW BRAIN: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear. It is a 16-hour intensive over two sessions and fulfills one of the pre-reqs towards enrollment in the Neurosculpting® Facilitator Certification Training. This intensive is open to everyone interested in taking personal transformation to deep and sustainable levels.

  • Identify your personal limiting beliefs
  • Learn about the limbic system and its relationship to fear, and the prefrontal cortex and its relationship to our higher self.
  • Create a mind-body map for neurological associations
  • Navigate and use six reprogramming/meditation techniques
  • Apply a neurological overlay to existing limitations
  • Create a new and limitless belief system

Check out our calendar to find out when our upcoming Warrior One Immersion is taking place! 

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