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Prerequisite: Everyday Warrior Level One.

Join us for this weekend immersion. Apply techniques learned in Everyday Warrior to identify subtle layers of energetic information. Use I AM statements and concepts from Everyday Warrior for interoception exercises.

  • Identify and navigate the auric interface between people and objects
  • Identify energetic channels in the feet, legs, and the front and back of the chakra system
  • Learn basic navigation and manipulation of the chakra system and the corresponding auric layers.
  • Clear I AM concepts from chakra system and auric layers
  • Learn how to run energy through the body for clearing and information
  • Materials you will need: a notebook or journal and pen, a comfy pillow, snacks, a voice recorder if you want to record the sessions.

Check out our calendar to find out when our upcoming Warrior Two Immersion is taking place! 

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