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Ways to reduce stress at work and improve productivity and overall happiness by: Megan Rundle

Train We all want to enjoy a stress-free lifestyle, yet it is easier said than done. But with some simple adjustments we think you will feel the benefits right away.   Stress can carry over from the work day into your personal life very easily, so let’s start at the bottom of our stress train, make changes and move forward!


~Sit up straight~

This can reduce stress in all areas of your life.  When we sit compacted or hunched over, we feel more stressed and less powerful.  Replicating a contracted position reminds the body of the natural contractions that occur during our stress states. Feeling strong and powerful will improve your general attitude and assist in combating stress.

~Get organized~

deskResearch has shown that just looking at clutter can spur the body’s production of stress hormones.  Even if your job or task is generally low stress the clutter can distract you from your tasks and make it harder to focus. Inability to focus can increase stress.

~Release unrealistic goals~

Setting attainable goals is a key to reducing stress. Be proud of everything you do not matter how big or small. Acknowledge your accomplishments and create a pattern of internally-generated validation. This habit builds to resilience which is a strong element of stress-reduction.

~Avoid interruptions~phone

Stick to your task at hand rather than allowing calls or emails to derail you.  Set aside time to respond to emails and calls and do your best not to allow them be scattered throughout your day.

What are your favorite stress reducing techniques?  

neurosculpting_institute_megan_rundle.jpgMegan Rundle

Megan has been a part of the Neurosculpting® community for the past four years and has enjoyed managing our growing trainer community for the past two.   With her experience in sales and managerial work she brings a unique base and flow for the Neurosculpting® team.   Megan is an excellent communicator and problem solver, a dedicated Yoga practitioner and a generally healthy living lady. She is a perfectionist but is aware that not everyone is, she has an open mind and has plenty of experience managing all different types of people from all walks of life. Megan has traveled and volunteered throughout Asia and Hawaii living a mindful lifestyle and absorbing all she can through the environment and her relationships. Some of her personal enjoyments include; going to live shows, practicing Yoga, walks with her family, and spending time with friends. Megan currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her partner Don, the family dog James Franco and their new baby Tripp!! Contact Megan at

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