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We ARE Magicians

We ARE Magicians

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What if you had superhero powers to sculpt reality as you wanted it to be?

What if science began to admit such powers?  

When scientists discovered our gifts of neuroplasticity late in the last century we officially entered the age of the Magician.  According to Dr. Robert Scaer, author of 8 Keys to Brain-Body Balance, “Through environmental enrichment, physical exercise, the learning of new information, the acquiring of new skills, the treatment of depression, and the use of classical conditioning techniques, we can mitigate the effects of aging, enhance the quality of life, extinguish many types of chronic pain, and restore homeostasis.” (92).  No where in this testimony is there mention of pharmaceuticals.  Could this power really exist within our own sphere of control?  What if you were to consider your own healing abilities?  What IF you took your health and well-being into your own hands and it worked?

I’d like to share some brain insights with you for the next two minutes.

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