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When Breathing in Love is Not Enough

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Are you tired of pretending to be calm and compassionate when inside you really feel like kicking and screaming?

In my life-long meditation training I was often told to “breathe in love”.  I so desperately wanted to do this, but there was no manual other than to just do it.  When one is in a fight-or-flight response or predisposition to life the temporal lobe, housing some key players of our limbic system, can gain or entrain a dominance in our brain functioning.  During this dominant brain state it is very difficult to bring our more prefrontally-associated attributes online, like expansion, compassion, forgiveness and openness.  Shifting this dynamic takes daily practice, a new entrainment, the right nutrition, and proper exercise.  Some suggestions are to meditate daily, consume healthy fats and proteins, add twenty minutes of cardio exercise at least four times a week to your routine, and being finding ways to be grateful for all you have!

What do you need in order to learn how to “breathe in love?”

I’d like to talk to you for two minutes about why I created Neurosculpting®

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