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Where the Gray Matters

Recent neuroscience is showing that the more we move into fear and threat response, the more we exercise and strengthen the neural pathways around the limbic brain which is our fight -or-flight center.  We also end up shrinking or pruning back the neural pathways in our prefrontal cortex which then inhibit our abilities to see the big picture, find creative alternatives, feel compassion and empathy, and solve problems.  In this neurological model, our approach to the world becomes very black and white as we map to a reality that identifies any changes that occur as threats.  Black and white thinking then reinforces this neurological map and we become rigid in our perspectives, and create the foundation for neurological degenerative diseases.  The key to unlocking this pattern literally and figuratively lies in the gray matter.  There are entirely new stories in the folds of our brains, and entirely new realities in the shades of gray.  How can you move out of the black and white, and into the gray today?

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Lisa Wimberger
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