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Your Feelings are a Gateway to Profound Healing

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In a left-brain society we often value rationale over feelings–trying to logic the away, or stuff the so we can remain productive.  Neurologist Antonio Damasio empahsized that feelings are actually somatic markers.  That their role was to help inform our brain of both the conscious and subconscious states in any given situation.  They indicate states of our autonomic nervous system and the health of our viscera and muscles.  When we continue to ignore our feelings, the nervous system may not get to regulate and reach homeostasis.  Stuffing our feelings literally marks those emotional moments in our procedural memory as unresolved.  The more unresolved emotions we have, the more stress we put on our nervous systems.  How will you choose to address some of your feelings today?

To learn more about the mind-body connection and its relationship to healing, consider reading New Beliefs, New Brain.

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