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Your Neurosculpting® Horoscope For The Month Of May

Your Neurosculpting® Horoscope for the Month of May

Take this tongue-in-cheek horoscope for what it is, however we believe you may find it quite helpful!

As we move from the erratic weather of April into something a bit more predictable, you might find a increasing sense of calm as you settle into the safety of certainty. If you’ve planted seeds last month, whether they are projects, investments, ideas or even YOGA PROGRAM seeds you will notice as they bloom this month you will have to balance a sense of protective nurturing and a capacity to let them grow into their own full manifestations. Pay extra attention to when your protective us-and-them, mine-vs-yours mentality gets in the way of seeing the bigger picture. This limbic dynamic has the potential to inhibit your prefrontal cortex’s ability to see long-term goals and find the motivation to meet them.

By the middle of the month, if you’ve taken time to breathe and shake your body some each day, you will notice easier access to compassion and even self-generated motivation. Look for opportunities to collaborate after the 15th once you’ve taken some time to down-regulate your territorial nature. starfish-helping-each-otherThese collaborations have a high probability of success if you approach them from homeostasis and a sense of wonder and curiosity. Support yourself moving into the warmer months by bringing your diet in line with your goals. For increased focus and motivation pay attention to the way you are balancing your proteins, fats and carbohydrates as the body needs all three to support your ability to achieve your goals. To prepare you with an extra boost when cultivating those later-month collaborative relationships, try supplementing your diet with some extra healthy fats on a consistent basis.

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